Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Putting Summer Behind Me!

Summer, I'm putting you behind me.
You were an unusual one in so many ways and I'm feeling quite ready to be done and move on!
Maybe it's all the dead flowers in my garden that couldn't cope with the extremes of heat waves to flooding over and over. For whatever reason, they've given up and so have I.
So, switching gears, and already behind so many who have already been stitching and hooking pumpkins and all things autumn, I spent the morning sketching ideas for rugs I hope to start hooking later today.

My studio (the loosest meaning of the word possible 😉) takes up two corners in my bedroom. But the wonderful thing about this spot that I love, are the windows overlooking a field lined with trees. From this spot, all morning I have listened to the the rustling of leaves and watched a few fluttering ones let loose from their branches, as I lay down a few rug ideas! It's been the perfect morning to be done with summer. 

Oh! I want to give you a closer look at the sweet pencil clip on my pencil. It's an awesome little find from my local antique shop. A sweet little, fun to use, vintage pencil clip advertising Morton Salt.

Do you love the red striped pencil? Me too. It's a 1951 repro pencil.
It came from CW Pencils. I'm mentioning this not because I'm affliated with Caroline Weaver's shop but just because I was so excited when I found it and think you might enjoy it too. Her shop has everything a pencil lover could wish for! 

And with the school year starting any day now, it's the perfect time to visit a shop devoted to the humble yet still appreciated pencil!

Now, where is my hook? Time to get back to it.