Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Remember the ladies

Remember the ladies was her plea. The well-known phrase written in a letter by Abigail Adams to her husband while he attended the Continental Congress in Philadelphia miles away from where she was keeping the farmstead in order, lets us know what was on her mind. Equality? Not sure she yet imagined that, but I'd like to think so. She was at least very well versed in the role of women in a society dominated by the thoughts of men and knew that the voices of women would be a welcome addition.

Even though women's thought were not always sought after in the company of men, they exercised their truth to power in needle and thread, hook and wool, and written word. Burning deep was a desire to lend their support for political nuances in ways deemed acceptable in polite society as they maneuvered the twists and turns of their lot.

Women's history is not only fascinating to me but at the very least, inspiring.

Textiles and handwork: the accepted past time for women offered a canvas for their thoughts. Women have always stepped in wherever they could to alter the plight of humankind. From freeing slaves to suffrage to electoral candidates and every modern platform before us, women have sought to make their voice heard. From Abigail Adams to present day women, we can look upon textiles and art to know the thoughts of the women behind them.

I'm off to an Independence Day picnic, loaded down with potluck dishes, chairs, Dutch Blitz and galvanized tubs to hold the drinks my son and his wife are providing for their guests.  I'm looking forward to a grand evening celebrating freedom hard fought for by men and women alike.  I wish I had time to scour the internet for photos of textiles where women have wielded their needle and thread, hook and wool, pins and yarn to fashion their sentiments of freedom and social advancement, but I don't at this time. If you search, you will find a powerful collection of textiles showing that women have always done their part to make a difference, working within the parameters to lend credence to their voice.

I hope you enjoy this day!

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you may recognize that fish head 😀 Yep, I finished him and mounted him on an antique panel and added a couple of hooks. He speaks my sentiment for today: liberty. Liberty for all, including the oppressed in our society, the forgotten ones. May we be their voice. May we all know peace.

           Happy Independence Day!!

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