Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Reverse Hooking!


              A new design idea! Colors of wool dancing in my head! Black marker to primitive linen! Piles of wool cut down to strips! A good podcast on cue! Ready...Set....oops!

             Is this your experience? It's my day in and day out when I'm hooking. I thought I had it beat this time. A basic color palette, nothing fancy, a simple fish to hook 😉. What more was there to this??!

            Thinking I had the design down, I told myself I would hook as is and not fiddle, and figure out later how I wanted to finish him.

            Last night I was outlining the finished rug with an antique black and wondering if this little guy would get mounted on a chippy barn board like a trophy fish (leaning towards this idea), or would he be sewn into a pillow(a close second), or should I hook a background for a rug. 
           In the morning light, I'm reverse hooking, aka ripping out! Ugh!!  Although, with me, it's really no surprise. It's how I roll when designing a pattern or even choosing colors for a design I've completed. I'm writing this post as a reminder to us all that it is good to walk away from a project in order to see it with fresh eyes.

         So, here's my tip. Leave a project overnight or take a photo and notice your reaction when you see it again. Does it make you smile? Leave it. If you are flooded with the "what ifs", think about it. Maybe changing a color or shape will make you love it more. Don't fiddle for fiddling's sake. That will take you down a deep dark rabbit trail. After all, it is better to finish than have a UFO (UnFinished Object) waiting in your stash. I'm not talking perfection because often the "mistakes" are what add character to a rug. But there are those times when you intuitively know that your rug needs something to make it sing. 

        My fresh eyes are telling me that this little guy's head needs depth and interest. I love his eye. I love the wool texture. But it needs some other wools or a little texture design to give it more character. So on with reverse hooking. It may not end up any better but giving it a try!

        .......now, still not sure how I want to finish my folky fish. 



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