Sunday, May 13, 2018

Women who love others

                          There are so many hurting young people in our communities.

          Their lives are made better by women who notice,

                                                  set aside time to get involved, teach by example, and love.

                           You make our society better! And on this special day, I'm so grateful to you!

                           So, to all the women reading this who have spoken life and love

                                             into a child, teenager, and young adult's day to day,
            Thank you so very much for sharing, caring, and making a difference in another's life!

                           My life has been enriched by so many women: teachers, women in my community who took an interest in me, my grandmother, my aunts, and most specially, my adorable mom.

    YES, my mom was a sewist! How can you tell?

                       Maybe the matching shirts give it away. 😀 (My brother looks a bit happier with his matching shirt than me 🤣)

     My mom inspired me to work with my hands and create and the beat goes on! So many things I

learned from my mom from packing for a picnic to how to care for a friend in need.

          Evidently, as this next photo shows, she also taught us how to hold our noses when jumping into

                  the lake .... even when waiting to jump - the boys behind me crack me up! And isn't her two-piece so vintage classic. 💗

      My Mom. She taught me so much. She loves people, especially her own. She laughs often. And as you can tell from this last photo, I always wanted to be just like her!

                        Happy Mother's Day!
                                  I love you, Mom.


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