Monday, April 2, 2018

The day after....

The day after too many Easter cupcakes and I can relate to these ladies 😂

But it was a great day with family and friends.

Woke up to a beautiful coating of spring snow.

Bid farewell to the college-bound sons and snuggled into sewing.
I've the fixins' for two doll quilts going on here. 
Old linen and civil war era reproduction prints.

The house is quiet once again (boo hoo) and there's no more laundry to do; so friends, I'm gonna back to sewing.


  1. I am suffering from a peanut butter cup hangover. the photo of those 'fluffy' ladies exercising is beyond funny!!!! Joan & I want to start making our little quilts again too ~ can't wait to see yours!

    1. 😁 Oooh, your quilts will be wonderful. Look forward to seeing yours too!