Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LIfe after Woolwrights


                     A huge thank you to all the Woolwrights Rug Hooking Guild members 
                                                                        for another
                                                              💙   SUCCESSFUL 💙
                                                                         Hook - In!
        Your hours of planning and work were a huge benefit to all the hookers and vendors!

As I looked at my pictures (which were too few!), I noticed a trend of huddling in small groups here and there as women drooled over wool, loved on designs, and caught up with old hooker friends and met new!

                             Women connecting with women! ...and I love that!  Keep creating, keep relating, keep smiling, keep hooking! 
Wool deliberations at The Wool Studio
Some serious pickings at Susan Gonzales Designs



Professional wool drooling at Wool n Gardener (I love love love that rug on the wall!) So let's see, that's L to R: Jan Cole/the Wool n' Gardener, Lori Brechlin/Notforgotten Farm, Katie/The Bee & The Bear, Yours truly, Susan Gonzales/Susan Gonzales Designs
Group therapy at Winter Cottage 😉

So back to my title, life after Woolwrights....unpacking, cleaning the messes I made at my house as I got ready for the show, looking forward to a week long visit with the grandkids, all while visions of hooked rugs are dancing in my head!! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and inspiration!

We've got a Nor'easter going on here in PA! I went to open the window to snap a shot of the view from my Winter Cottage to share with you, and the snow caved in onto the sill. I can now attest, without setting boots on the ground (although they've been out many times already to haul in wood for the fire) that this is a perfect snowball snow! Now on to that spot in front of the fire with a mug of coffee and hook in hand! 

Keep safe out there!

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