Saturday, February 10, 2018

Forget Me Not ~ a new pattern

I have a new favorite tool ~ my oxford punch needle! I am a slow hooker and I can get a bit of speed with this tool and it's so much easier to use with strips of cotton and various other textiles than with a hook. When I read about antique rugs, it often mentions that more than wool has been used. Threading other textiles through an oxford and it staying put makes it fun to use, and an easier way to make rugs that incorporate old traditions.

Back in December I ordered an oxford punch needle but I didn't have a chance to start playing with it until after the holidays. I have a few wool skeins of yarn in my stash but not rug yarn weight and wanting to use what was on hand, it was an experiment from the beginning. My needle is a #10. My yarn wasn't thick enough for the hole so I doubled up, tripled up, even added pearl cotton to beef up the bulk for the needle so the loops would stay in place. Love the look! I'm hoping you do too!

I love it when endearing sentiments are found stitched into a quilt or sampler or some other sort of textile and "forget me not" is one of those sayings that seems to be a favorite. 
"Forget me not" is timeless. None of us wants to be forgotten. The fact that there is a delicate little flower named the same, adds to its charm.

When I designed this pillow, it was in January with Valentine's Day approaching and it seemed a fitting time for it. Other things kept pushing to the front of my life and making the pattern for this little pillow public just wasn't happening.

Then the biggest thing happened in Philadelphia since the Revolution!! The Eagles won the super bowl!!! My four boys, all life-long Eagles fans, went crazy with excitement and sheer joy erupted across the family texting thread. The youngest two attend college near center city so they hopped on the train and celebrated with thousands of their fellow Eagle fans. They were good boys and did not get involved in any wild behavior. Thank goodness.
It didn't take long for my oldest to make plans to make the trip to Philadelphia for the victory parade. He brought his daughter along and the three of us went to see all the craziness of Philly on parade day.
It was, absolutely, an amazing day in the city! The fans were so happy!! This has been a special time in a special city for a special team, and we rocked it out!
Now when I look at this pillow and read "forget me not", there is an added memory that I will not forget. I will not forget the excitement that one special group of men brought to a city, a family, and a grandmother.

If interested, the digital pattern for the Forget Me Not pillow is in my Etsy shop, so please stop by and take a look. Included in the pattern are 2 large versions (8.5 x 10"). One for rug hooking and one in reverse for punch with rug yarn; and a smaller version in reverse for punch needle with pearl cotton or embroidery thread.
Check it out, please!

Here are just a few pics from our day starting with the early morning hour when we arrived, through to the walk back to the car with my son and granddaughter, once again singing the Eagles fight song with "wings" flapping. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already been subjected to my blast of photos of that day. (So sorry, it's back to normal now 👏👏👏 😊  I rarely blast photos.) If you'd like to follow me, find me @terrileamer. I'd love to see you over there.

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