Monday, January 8, 2018

special scissors

The day's chores are done, there's plenty of wood brought in to keep warm by, soup's on the burner and I am ready to get going on some handwork. 

Did you know mermaids are real?

 That's what my little grand daughter told me when she gave me a pair of mermaid tail scissors. 

She picked them out all by herself.
 At five years old she told her mom that "Marmee needs new things in her sewing basket for Christmas." I think she knows me well and we are going to be kindred spirits with lots of handwork projects in our baskets in the years to come!
Be still my heart.

Mermaid tail embroidery scissors by Kelmscott Design.

Everybody needs a pair!


  1. Be still your heart, indeed, Terri! Precious addition to your sewing basket, Marmee...