Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks

       Hens and Chicks? These are the quieter and more well-behaved variety. No squawking, no scratching in the yard, no pecking baby green tomatoes, no messes on the brick walkway. No eggs. No feathered friends to come rushing when they see the feed bucket. I miss my chickens. Someday I hope to have a new flock. For now, a plant with an endearing name will have to do.
        When I was a kid, my mom had hens and chicks growing in a pot next to the porch door. This little brood in a clay pot were handed down to me from her garden. I never thought I'd care to have them. Of all the plants my mom grew, these were my least favorite. In fact, the only thing I liked about them was their name. I didn't understand the attraction. When the succulent craze started, I shook my head. But as it happens sometimes with plants, they've worked their way into my heart. I love watching the new chicks "hatch" out from under the hens and they do great in the heat. So for now, they can stay.

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  1. hey ! i am planning to keep hens too ! chicks re so cute to play with i hope i can share my experience with you soon. Thanks for sharing.