Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Strawberry Patch

    My third son loves strawberries. Always has. Back when he was a toddler our strawberry patch occupied the lower portion of a significantly large garden. He toddled down the hill to the garden every morning hoping that the strawberries were ripe. He'd sit in the dirt and walk around in his bare toes talking to the plants, waiting. One morning I brought down an old chippy paint chair and put it at the edge of the strawberry patch so he could watch the berries from up high, and more importantly to the crop, in one place. Oh, he was so excited to have his own chair! I loved watching him sit on that chair as he talked to himself or the worms and kept watch over the berries.

     Recently, I designed a chair pad after an old wooden butter mold that had been decorated with a strawberry plant. The whole time I was hooking it, the memory of the chair in the strawberry patch and the brown-eyed boy who held vigil over it kept coming to my mind. It's one of my favorite gardening memories.

The PDF pattern is available in my Etsy Shop.

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