Friday, March 10, 2017

Old Blue and White

Old blue and white on the clothes line with fresh March snow all around. The coverlet isn't antique or even vintage old but it's been around for quite awhile. It's a beautiful wool reproduction from Family Heirloom Weavers. They do beautiful work and this coverlet is no exception. I love the pattern and the hand stitching that binds the two panels together.

Not to be out done by my much loved gray blue agate pail with wooden. Now this is very old. I picked it up years ago in an antique store. It has hung by my door on a wooden peg filled with clothes pins for many years. It's one of the reasons I like to hang out the laundry.

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  1. Your work pieces are small but they have incredible details and have beautiful eye catching colors that attract us, Keep sharing more of them with us here,