Saturday, January 7, 2017


Just sitting without any handwork going almost scares me. Ha! What will I do? Just sit there? Some of you may know exactly what I'm saying. Often, before heading out the door or joining the family to watch a movie, I'm in a scramble trying to assemble a small enough project to fit in my work bag. Today when I dug into the bottom of my workbag, I found a pinned stack of little house pieces. I don't remember what my plan was when I cut them out or if I even had a plan (more likely) but I do remember I was on my way to babysit the grandkids. I settled in on this cozy wintry day and hand stitched the house together. It's a very humble house, plain, and not even straight but I love the look. Still not sure how I will finish her. I thought of adding her to a quilt block or small pillow or maybe onto a drawstring bag. Still thinking about it but I'd love to show her to you and see what you think.

Oops! She needs a chimney. Chimney or no chimney, it was the perfect day to stitch. The boys were home, thick snowflakes falling, laughter, coffee, fires in the fireplace and in the wood stove, and the day gave way to one of those January days when time stands still and peace gives hope of life and more life to come.
Wintertide is here.

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