Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blue and Brown Doll Quilt

Recently I made this blue and brown doll quilt. I'll be taking it to the the Amish Country Wool Artisans Hook-In, Berlin Ohio in a couple of weeks. It seemed a perfect backdrop to a few favorite sewing tools before getting packed away for the show. The scissors and thimbles are vintage. The rosewood parasol is a repro needle keeper. It is one of my favorite sewing tools.  I originally found it at a merchant during my civil war reenacting days. Today you can find one at Wm. Booth, Draper. I have my eyes on the bone fish needle keeper that he is selling. The website is

Friday, March 18, 2016

Folk Art Pig

The Spring Pig!
Actually, he was started on New Year's Eve
in Pennsylvania German tradition for good luck in the coming year.
I've been working on the photos and pattern and all that's involved in getting a pattern ready for market....this little piggy went to market....well, not quite yet, but almost.
He's just so cute, I had to share a sneak peek.
The Spotted Pig chair pad will be added to the other four designs in the Farmstead Series. The chair pad designs along with other hooked rug designs are available in my Etsy shop. I invite you to take a look at The original four were hooked for my personal use long before I was selling patterns. They are reflective of the way our little farm looked back then. There's one of the jersey cow I milked, one of my chickens, the red barn, and the flower garden.

Snow is being predicted for the weekend! But the garden is already blooming.

A moody lenten rose caught my attention this morning.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pussy Willows. A sentimental favorite.

Pussy Willows have been a long time childhood favorite. It isn't only their cottony soft texture that woos me in, it's just so stinkin' cute to say they've popped their jackets! As a quilter and lover of textiles, they are a perfect match. The soft loftiness of the buds make me think of cotton batting. Hope you are also enjoying bouquets of fuzzy pussy willows.
Spring will soon be here and with it armloads of daffodils and anticipation of lilac blooms.
For now, I'm perfectly contentedly loving my fuzzy bouquets.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Snowfall and Handwork

     Getting up early isn't always my favorite thing. But when there is snow predicted, I can't wait to get up early and sit with some sort of handwork, a cup of coffee most definitely, and watch the quiet snowfall before the noise of everyone else waking up begins.
     This morning's snowfall will probably be the last of the year. Yep. I'm one of the odd ones that really enjoy a snowy winter. As winter tries to stick around this morning, I finished hooking my heart and vine rug (at least for now that's what I'm calling it). The design was inspired by a c. 1880 embroidered and appliqued tablecover.
      All week the wind has been howling down the chimney but this morning the howling wind was replaced by singing birds! When the birds sing through a snowfall, the intent is clear; Spring is arriving.