Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Simple Kindness

Simple acts of kindness have great impact. Acts of kindness are usually unexpected. When someone extends kindness to you, whether in word or deed, for a moment you feel so cared for and it makes your heart smile. I love it. An act of kindness makes us stop to consider the good that comes from caring for one another. It happened to me just yesterday. A friend found out I had been ill for a couple days and brought me warm soup after her day of work was done. She showed me she cared about me and it made me feel connected and loved. We all need that, don't we?

Today, my son told me the story of a man who approached him, just this morning, outside a store for a dollar. Upon asking, the man was far from home and needed gas in his car. My son felt very led to have the man follow him to the gas station so he could put gas in his car. The man could not believe the kindness of my son towards him and was so appreciative. Hearing his act of kindness warmed my heart. He did not set out to do that today. It was unexpected. But it poured out of his caring character towards his fellow man. 
Simple kindness. Unexpected. Changing the outlook of those around us. Caring for our community. Love it!

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