Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Treasured Quilt

Somewhere along the line I decided to make a quilt for each of my four sons when they graduated from high school. At the time we were a family that participated in civil war living history campaigner events so the choice of fabric and setting for the patchwork was easy. Had to be civil war repro, no doubt about it.
The quilt top pictured is the last of four graduation quilts. Twelve years separate the first and last sons but late 1860's is still the theme.
The thing that perplexes me is that while I was making the first quilt many years ago, my days were filled with twice daily milkings of our jersey cows, feeding calves, raising chickens and turkeys, homeschooling, gardening, and general housewifery and mom stuff, and the quilt was finished by the time my son graduated. Fourth quilt later, the livestock is gone, the boys can take care of themselves and I'm a year behind graduation in getting it done! Life. It's a curious thing.
Even though it's still on the quilt frame and not yet being snuggled under, it's already treasured. The fourth son lets me know how much he loves it already. He stops by the frame just to look at it. He anticipates my friends (one of which was his first grade teacher) sitting around the frame chatting and stitching on his quilt as they did his brothers before him. What he doesn't realize is how much I treasure making it for him. And how much I treasure him.

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