Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Backyard Chickens

 Spring has come and as the grass shines greener every morning, my thoughts go to chickens. That green grass makes amazing orange-yolked eggs and I look forward to them every spring. Between my dad's forays into keeping chickens, and other family members with chickens on their farms, I've been around chickens my whole life. The funniest kid memory is the coop that my dad built for 3 Easter peeps given to us. It was a dog house with an old oven shelf on a hinge: door to keep them in and a ramp to let them out. Chickens living in a doghouse was pretty funny to us kids. Here's a picture from the late 1960's of my brother talking to the hens. I can remember standing in the back of that coop on Saturday mornings shelling field corn off the cobs for the hens.
That coop started out on my uncle's farm. They weren't using it anymore so my dad disassembled it and put it back together on our place. Seems we grew beyond the dog house.                                                        

 Evidently, chickens have made their way into my sewing room as well. Here is a pin keeper that I made. She's made from repro civil war fabrics. Her nesting pillow is trimmed in vintage rick rack (or wavy braid as it was known during the Civil War era). She has an emory strawberry with her at all times and of course she has beautiful pin feathers. Ok, I couldn't resist.

.....And there are chickens in my Etsy Shop. Stop on by and you can see the patterns for two hooked rugs featuring chickens.

This sweet chair pad features my hooked portrait of one of my favorite hens that scratched the dirt here on the farm. Her name was Miss Paisley.

The other rug depicts one of my favorite farm chores. You guessed it, feeding the hens.

My Etsy Shop is found at www.mywintercottage.etsy.com

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